Company Profile

NorCan Marine Inc. is a Canadian company designing, engineering and leasing high-speed, technologically advanced vessels: the NorCan 222 – Emergency Response, Rescue and Support Vessel (ERRSV). NorCan will charter and operate the NorCan 222 vessels world-wide, supporting any marine industry or enterprise requiring a vessel with fast response and versatility unmatched in the current offshore fleet.

The NorCan 222 will represent a step change in the marine industry by providing a stable, high-speed, extremely low emission vessel, capable of operating in extreme latitudes and responding to emergencies anywhere in the world-wide marine market.

The NorCan 222 will offer a significant competitive advantage to the current vessels servicing marine industries due to its speed, fit-for-purpose equipment on board, accommodations, and extremely low emissions – surpassing current environmental standards.


Partner Profiles

Captain Hans Dyrlie: Managing Director, NorCan Marine Inc.

With more than 50 years of experience as a mariner, shipbuilder and logistics consultant, Cpt. Hans Dyrlie is uniquely qualified to understand the complexities of the design, manufacture and management of vessels to meet the evolving needs of all industries associated with seafaring – whether for oil and gas production, shipping, crew transport and supply, or emergency response.

Cpt. Dyrlie has built over 70 vessels ranging in size from 50ft – 185ft and was a past owner of several different offshore marine companies. Cpt. Dyrlie is a progressive thinker and the driving force behind multiple iterations of fast, multipurpose vessels and provides unparalleled insight for the capabilities needed for the next generation of this type of vessel. Cpt. Dyrlie has also developed an industry recognized logistic management system providing world class reporting for client designated KPI’s.


Russell L. Compton: President, Director, NorCan Marine Inc.

With more than 38 years of experience in the offshore oil, gas and marine industry, Mr. Russ Compton understands what is required for the safe and efficient operation of offshore marine industries. This combined with his experience in the North Atlantic, Canadian High Arctic, European North Sea, Norway, Holland, United Kingdom, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia, gives Russ a well-rounded perspective on the needs of the offshore industry world-wide.

Russ recognizes the increasingly urgent need for a new type of vessel for coastal protection, emergency response, crew transport and supply. He formed NorCan Marine to answer this need with a high-speed, energy efficient vessel incorporating the latest technological advancements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, environmentally sensitive treatment of waste water, quick response to environmental emergencies, and efficient crew transport and supply.


Robert Giannou: Vice President, Director, NorCan Marine Inc.

With more than 45 years of corporate executive experience in industry, Robert brings an in depth understanding of corporate fiscal management, cost control, industrial relations, risk management and corporate structuring. He has a broad experience in people management and ran an international consulting company that, for 30 years, specialized in industrial relations, collective bargaining, mediation, management training and staff development.

A native of Newfoundland, Robert has held executive positions in the seafood harvesting and processing and marine industries during which time he created and lead a partnership of large-vessel fisherpersons who owned and operated a major seafood harvesting company and processing subsidiary.

Subsequent to the Cougar helicopter crash off Newfoundland, Robert became part of a group that recognized the increasingly urgent need for a new type of vessel for coastal protection, emergency response, crew transport and supply.