Following these recent examples, we selected the NorCan 222 Emergency Response Rescue and Support Vessel (ERRSV), a modern and innovative OSV design, as a reference platform for a Flag Ship case study.

The NorCan 222 ERRSV is a multi-purpose vessel designed to transcend the traditional ocean-going service vessel capabilities. By combining high-speed capabilities, state-of-the-art hybrid propulsion and latest emission control technology, the NorCan 222 ERRSV is able to perform both emergency response/rescue operations and transport of personnel/cargo more effectively and efficiently than traditional OSVs. The high emergency response speed (up to 34 knots), enhanced seakeeping performance, high maneuverability (DP2 certified), capability of operating at extreme latitudes, availability of specialized equipment (e.g. towage, oil spill response, fire fighting, fast rescue crafts) and spacious load deck (360 m2) are all key features for a second-line multipurpose naval vessels, making the NorCan 222 ERRSV a perfect match for the job.

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