To Whom it May Concern

Aspen Medical is a global provider of guaranteed, innovative and tailored healthcare solutions across a broad range of sectors. Aspen can meet the complete range of healthcare needs, from a single paramedic to a full spectrum solution. Our clients range from state and federal government departments and military organisations through to energy and extractives sector and private multi-national clients. Our core business is providing healthcare solutions into remote, challenging and underresourced environments.

Aspen Medical has been in discussions with Mr Russell Compton and his team from Norcan since October 2017 when they presented to us their concept for the design and development of the NorCan 222 vessel. It became evident through these discussions that the NorCan 222 vessel would provide an ideal emergency response capability or remote healthcare capability which Aspen Medical would consider using to support the delivery of development and humanitarian healthcare services.

Aspen Medical would have interest in leasing the Norcan 222 ERRSV vessel to support the following:

  • Disaster response in instances where land based hospital capability is unachievable;
  • Antarctic opportunities; and
  • Resource sector opportunities.

We have been impressed with the NorCan 222 concept and we look forward to furthering discussions with NorCan once the vessel is complete.

Yours Sincerely,

Glenn Keys
Executive Co-Chairman and Co-Founder
Aspen Medical


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